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About Syona

Syona is the commercial furniture manufacturing and marketing division of Roots Industries India Private Limited .

Established in the year of 2013, Syona is an embodiment of our vision to create innovatively designed world-class furniture products at affordable prices for the 21st century work spaces.

Currently catering Office Seating Systems & Public Seating Systems, Syona Chairs are a product of several years of research and development and they are ergonomically & aesthetically designed to ensure comfort & durability. At Syona, we manufacture more than 6 different models of Ergonomic chairs, including Cafeteria Chairs & Tables and two types of Gang Chairs.

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  • Initiate and implement long-term growth strategies that are focused on holistic development of products, services and organisational goals
  • Ensure all strategic initiatives reflect positively on all stakeholders involved
  • Identify key sectors for new growth initiatives
The management's role at Roots Industries is to empower employees to believe in the power of ideas - a culture we call Ideapreneurship. Helping customers from all spheres of work, Ideapreneurs are transforming Global businesses one relationship at a time.
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Make a clear difference as a responsible Corporate entity that is committed to Technological, Social, Ethical and Environmental betterment. This is achieved through

  • Sustaining a lead position as a trusted solutions provider to customers
  • Creating a free spirited, intellectually challenging work culture within the organisation
  • Ensuring individual social responsibility plays a collective role in building impactful corporate social responsibility
  • Adding value in every way, from technology to quality to customer relations

Four decades on, the Roots Group continues to deliver on its promise of quality without compromise. In a variety of ways, its technology and talent continues to add value to life to all of its stakeholders.

Roots adds value in every way, from technology to quality to customer service and customer relations.