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Bakery Chair Manufacturers

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Cafeteria Table manufacturers India

Cafeteria Table

To ensure long durability cafeteria table board is made up of pre-laminated particle board and frame is made up of high strength steel tube. These tables are resistant to abrasion, cigarette burn, stains and steam. To ensure stability even on uneven surfaces, table’s legs are made from die cast aluminium with superior levelers.

Restaurant Chair Suppliers
Product L x W x H (mm) Weight Seat Height
Table Square 900 X 900 X 725 24.2 Kg -
Table Round 900 (Dia.) X 725 20.4 Kg -
Bakery Chair Manufacturers
Bakery Chair Manufacturers

Cafeteria Table Manufacturers

Syona Roots as one of the leading cafeteria table manufacturers in India acknowledges the entire needs of a cafeteria hall with a distinctive creation. Our cafeteria tables are specially designed to add all the values to your place and enable your canteen or restaurant to be more vivid, vibrant and sophisticated.

Syona's extraordinarily built cafeteria tables are resistant to abrasion, cigarette-burns, stains and steam. And, to ensure stability on the uneven surfaces, the table's legs are made from die-cast aluminium with superior levellers. This highly durable cafeteria table consists of pre-laminated particle board on the table top surface, and its supporting frame made up of steel tubes.

The surface size of the table can simply accommodate over six members for a group chat and can treat them with a never before had experience of support and comfort. Cafeteria Tables by Syona Roots can make any restaurant, dining room, cafeteria, pantry, and bakery etc. look beautiful and bring the feel it is the best place to dine.