Ergonomic Waiting Chair Manufacturers
Mesh Chairs Suppliers India

Mesh Backrest

Using the high tension Mesh made by Dupont's high tension Filament, the backrest supports the user's back with enhanced air circulation along with flexible feeling.

Mesh Chairs Suppliers India

Fabric Backrest / Seatpan

With the soft fabric finish sanitated, the user can use the product for long period of time with a pleasant feeling

Executive Casterwheel Chairs India


By using double layered 3mm castors, the noise of the castor is minimum, and the floor is also protected from being scratched.

Mesh Tilt Chairs

Knee Tilt

Using the Knee Tilt, which does not lift the users knee when tilted, can provide flexibility and comforts as a executive chair.

Modern Tilt Chairs

Tilting Tension

By operating the Lever on the bottom of the mechanism, the user can adjust the Tilting tension.

Revolving Tilt Chairs

Tilting Tension Adjustment

By pulling the lever on the lower leftside of the seatpan, the user can adjust the depth of the seat.

Executive Mesh Armrest Chairs

Fixed Armrest

By using the Castor armrest, the product provides comfort when seated.

Mesh Chairs Suppliers India

Color Variants

Seat Back
Black/Grey Eco Black
Black Eco Green
Black/Grey Eco Grey
Grey Eco Red
Frame Black
Executive Logiq Chairs
Product L x B x H (mm) Weight Seat Height
Duoflex Logiq 580 X 600 X 890 - 970 15.6 Kg 425-505 mm

Executive Rolling Chair Manufacturers - Duoflex Logiq

Duoflex Logiq from Syona is another pioneering seating solutions in the executive series. It is created thoughtfully to bring the aesthetical and functional differences in the work area of the executives.

The versatile Duoflex Logiq consists of crucial factors to evoke the supreme feeling of comfort. Unlike other furniture, its unique long single mesh backrest supports the whole spine as well as ensures optimum ventilation. The two flexible armrests placed in this chair takes care of the balance and comfort in adjusting positions.

The high-quality fabric seat pan with swivel options ensures smooth 360 actions. Overall, Syona's Duoflex Logiq is a prominent executive rolling chair that exposes the occupant to the strain-free sitting experience. It is the most appropriate chair for the Directors, Managers, CEO's, Board Members, etc.