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By supporting the neck in order to help maintaining a good posture, enables to reduce the fatigue after long time sitting

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Headrest Height Adjustment

The Headrest can be adjusted up and down to fit the user's height providing the best comfort.

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Headrest Angle Adjustment

Please adjust the angle of the headrest based on the user's posture. During work or break the angle can fit to provide the best comfort.

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Duorest Backrest

Based on the 'Dynamic Sitting theory, DUOREST's two seperate backrests reduce the pressure that spreads on the waist, by covering spine and muscles of back stably.

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Backrest Height Adjustment

The height of Backrest can be adjusted up and down, so the user can easily use it to fit the user's figure.

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Backrest Width Adjustment

The user is able to adjust the width of the backrest to reduce the pressure to the spine, helping to maintain a good posture.

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High Density Sponge Seatpan have enhanced restoring force fitting naturally to the body curves.

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The Dual-structured wheels that are finished with 3mm urethane layer along with the Triple Y base (6EA of castors) spreads the weight to the chair evenly to enhance the stability

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Sychronized Tilt ables to fit the natural body's posture by tilting the backrest and the seat pan seperately with the different degree, supporting the spine along with the entire back.

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Tilting Tension Adjustment

Since the strength to the backrest differs from person to person, the user can adjust the tilting tension to easily tilt backwards.

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Tilting Degree Lock

By operating the lower left lever, the user can easily lock to the desired degree

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Adjustable Seat

Seat Depth Adjustment, which is essential for users above average height, provides comfort during long sitting.

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Seatpan Depth Adjustable

By pulling the lever at the middle of the seatpan, the user can adjust the depth of the seatpan.

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Adjustable Armrest

Adjustable Armrest can naturally connected the arm-line from the elbow to the shoulder making the user feel comfortable.

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Armrest Height Adjustment

By pressing the button on the front of the Armrest, the user can easily adjust the height to naturally fit the upper arm from the elbow to the wrist

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Armrest Pad Angle Adjustment

Based on the working environment, the Armrest pads can be adjusted by Angle or depth. Especially when using a Computer, or writing by hand.

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Color Variants

Seat Back
Black Black
Blue Blue
Brown Brown
Green Green
Frame Black
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Product L x W x H (mm) Weight Seat Height
Duorest Alpha 600 X 670 X 1066-1140 23 Kg 408-482 mm

Headrest Executive Chairs Manufacturers - Duorest Alpha

Duorest Alpha from Syona is one of the leading products in the executive series. It is crafted meticulously to make life better for the board room members or CEO of a company.

The chair comprises many features like headrest to give efficient support to the neck and help reduce the strain befalling after sitting for a long time. It is flexible and can be adjusted to experience extreme comfort.

The highlight of this furniture is its backrest. It has two separate sections combined to reduce the pressure that spreads on the waist, spine, back muscles stably. This unique backrest helps to maintain good posture and ergonomic seating throughout the day.

Furthermore, the seat pan and armrest adjustments of the chair ensure a comfortable sitting experience for its occupants. Syona's elegant looking Duorest Alpha is the preferred choice for managing directors, CEO’s, Board Members of a company.