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Backrest & Seat

In group settings, the design of these chairs will stand out while its comfort caters to personalized needs. The Earth Cube is durable and designed to provide ease and reliance. A chrome base is included to facilitate better living.

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Chrome plated Mild Steel (Mild Steel properties: Light weight) with plastic base to prevent floor from scratching.

Pantry Chair Manufacturers & Suppliers


The stackability feature of the Earth Bliss allows simple acceptability and movements of the chairs due to its lightness and easy transporting ability.

Pantry Chair Manufacturers & Suppliers

Color Variants

Shell Frame
Black Chrome
Yellow Chrome
White Chrome
Green Chrome
  • Silver
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Product L x W x H (mm) Weight Seat Height
Earth Cool 500 X 571 X 827 4.2 Kg 447 mm

Strain Free Cafeteria Chairs - Earth Cool

Earth Cool is the cafeteria chair manufactured by Syona Roots. It is specially designed to relax and provide good support with its designed structure. Syona Chairs eliminates any strain on the body. Earth Cool is easy to transport and stack even at small places.

Earth Cool Chairs makes your place look more pleasing and appealing. It can be installed at Restaurants, Cafeteria, Cakeshops etc.,