1. Is warranty applicable for these chairs?

Yes, warranty is applicable for all the chairs, to know more about warranty in detail kindly refer to our warranty card.

2. Does warranty cover all the parts?

Yes, all the parts of the chairs are covered under warranty*.

3. Is there any warranty for the Hydraulics used in Venus E?

Yes, Hydraulics used in Venus E chairs has 5 years warranty.

4. Will the entire product will be replaced against manufacturing defect?

Under our warranty, only the damaged part will be replaced.

5. Are Venus products made of plastic?

No, they are made from a special kind of engineering Polymer to overcome brittleness and other faulty attributes.

6. Does the colour fade?

Our chairs are meant for indoor purpose and unless exposed to direct sunlight their colours won’t fade.

7. How are your chairs are different from others?

Our chairs are ergonomically designed to support the natural curvature of your spine taking away the strain on the lower back area (prevents slouching and back pain). Perforations are strategically placed to facilitate better ventilation in tropical conditions.

The backrest and seat are from a special kind of engineering Polymer to overcome brittleness and other faulty attributes and are especially designed to ensure optimal blood circulation in the body.

8. How much weight can the Venus model chairs hold?

Venus model seats can hold up to 120 Kg and the backrest can hold up to 70 Kg.

9. Does the chair’s feet cause scratches on the floor?

The bush (i.e) the Glide Feet is made up of a specific material that has high wear resistance so that it does not cause any scratches on the floor.

10. How long does paint from the frames last?

The paint in the frame is electro-coated and it has long durability.