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Syona Roots is the leading chair manufacturer in India who defines the meaning of luxury furniture. We have pioneered in designing quality and modern style furniture since 2013. Syona is the epitome of our vision for 21st-century workspaces and is committed to creating ergonomically designed world-class furniture at an affordable price in Ahmedabad.

Our expert team emphasizes on comfort and aesthetic appearance of the product before delivering our well-designed and highly functional furniture to our customers. With years of hard work and dedication, Syona Roots has established itself as the best and largest furniture manufacturer in Ahmedabad.

We have our authorized distributor in Ahmedabad location and we offer a wide range of exclusive and contemporary furniture ranging from Study chairs to Cafeteria chairs. With a benchmark for the highest quality system furniture, we strive hard to provide furniture which is customized as per the demand and requirements from the customers.

Why Syona?

  • Before we embark on your order, we understand your needs and promise to deliver our excellence.
  • We build a robust reputation with our years of experience and exceptional level of customer service before, during and even after the sales.
  • Whether it's an office or home furniture, we ensure to offer our best products from contemporarily to transitional to traditional.
  • We are a renowned manufacturer of high-quality and innovative furniture and passionate unparalleled quality furnishings.
  • All of our aesthetic furniture is manufactured to meet the demands of the office, hotel, hospital, educational institution in Ahmedabad.
  • We aim to provide customer-pleasing and satisfying results by delivering ergonomic chairs with utmost beauty and comfort.

Our Exclusive Products

Discover Syona's wide range of well-crafted and best furniture collections in Ahmedabad with perfect finishing touches below.

Study Chairs

Study Chairs from Syona Roots will transform your learning environment both efficiently and cheerfully. We are the most reliable study chair manufacturers in Ahmedabad offering a diverse range of chairs such as school chairs, college chairs and student chairs. Each type of chair is designed ergonomically and has the physical structure to render comfort and health benefits to the students. With advanced features, the products help to create an active and pleasing experience for the occupants.

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Office Chairs

Syona Roots presents the most exquisite feature-rich Office Chairs in Ahmedabad. The chairs comprises an adjustable headrest, armrest which allows the employees to work for long hours without any discomfort. It is specifically designed to ensure proper blood circulation in the body. Our office chairs caters to every individual's personal requirements and delivers them with endless comfort during strenuous work times.

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Executive Chairs

Syona Roots brings you the most ergonomically crafted and aesthetically pleasing Executive Chairs in Ahmedabad. These ergonomic chairs are meticulously crafted to give effective support to your spine and reduce body strain. The adjustable features of the product meets all the essential requirements of the occupants and allows them to enjoy immense ergonomic benefits during long hours of seating.

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Gang Waiting Chairs

Gang Waiting Chairs from Syona Roots is both stylish and smart and ensures maximum comfort throughout the waiting hours. We are the renowned waiting chairs manufacturer in Ahmedabad providing a variety of gang chairs like hospital chairs, waiting chairs, waiting hall chairs. All the chairs are designed with advanced features to support your spine and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. With high loading capacity and strength, the product ensures to provide an excellent seating experience to the occupants.

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Visitor Chairs

Syona Roots is the leading Visitor Chairs suppliers in Ahmedabad. Every chair is inventively designed to provide excess comfort combined with contemporary style. Our visitor chairs are highly durable which ensures the seating elements are invincible to damage. The flexible features of these visitor chairs including comfortable backrest, polypyrene seats make them lightweight and easy for transportation.

Cafeteria Chairs

Syona Roots is the most reliable Cafeteria Chairs suppliers in Ahmedabad. All the chairs are extraordinarily created with a distinctive design that is highly resistant to steam, stains and abrasions. Our cafeteria chairs are designed to provide ease and reliance to the users while caters to their personal needs. Whether it's a restaurant or bakery, these products can make the place look beautiful and bring the feel as it is the perfect place to dine.


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