Ergonomic Waiting Chair Manufacturers
Mercury Backrest Chairs


A Headrest of Adjustable Nylon frame with moulded foam and fabric to remove any strain on the neck.

Office Backrest Chairs

Backrest & Seat

A 3D Mesh backrest with Black nylon frame and height adjustable lumbar support. The seat includes Moulded foam covered with fabric for comfortable long hours. Best suited in office atmospheres that demand continuous work requirements.

Office Executive Armrest Chairs


A Height adjustable armrest with soft TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) covers to suit every need. A Synchronized mechanism with 3 position locking for flexible positioning.

Mercury Tilt Chairs


Synchronized with Three Position Lock system, promoting flexibility and ease.

Office Casterwheel Chairs India

Base & Castor

The Nylon Base is of 330mm with Black Nylon Castors for noise free and easy movements, preventing any strain to the user.

Office Revolving Tilt Chairs

Color Variants

Seat Back Back Material
Red Red Mesh
Grey Grey Mesh
Green Green Mesh
Blue Blue Mesh
Black Black Mesh
  • Black
Office Ignite Chair Manufacturer
Product L x B x H (mm) Weight Seat Height
Mercury Ignite 660 x 682 x 1110-1190 14.02 Kg 460-540 mm

Manager Chair Manufacturers - Mercury Ignite

Syona's Mercury Ignite is one of the most reputable chairs in its series linked to the other manufacturers. The chair assures you to expect only high performance from your employees and compromises no quality or comfort for years.

Mercury Ignite is notable for taking off your neck strain through flexible headrest. Its adjustable armrest and three-position lock system mechanism offers the never before perceived support. The castor wheels at the base enable the employees to move smoothly across the floor.

The highly durable and flexible Mercury Ignite from Syona is your chair that can inspire your employees to deliver the best from a relaxed sitting workday.