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A 3D Mesh backrest with Black nylon frame attached with height adjustable lumbar support. It is visually pleasing the design promotes healthier seating. The Seat comprises of Moulded foam covered with fabric ensuring comfort.

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Imported fabric and high density mould foam ensures softness and good air permeability without compromising on quality and design.

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A Height adjustable armrest with soft TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) covers promoting ease and durability. It includes a synchronized mechanism with 3 position locking for convenient positioning.

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Synchronized with Three Position Lock with a tilting-tension adjuster, that allows easy flexibility.

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Base & Castors

A sturdy black Nylon base & Black Nylon Castors with promising durability and light movement without any strain to the chair.

Neptune Chairs for Office

Color Variants

Seat Back Back Material
Black Black Mesh
Red Red Mesh
Grey Grey Mesh
Blue Blue Mesh
Green Green Mesh
  • Black
3D Mesh Backrest Rolling Chair Suppliers
Product L x W x H (mm) Weight Seat Height
Neptune Xplore 528 x 655 x 957-1055 13.6 Kg 445-543 mm

3D Mesh Backrest Rolling Chair Suppliers - Neptune Xplore

Syona's Neptune Xplore is one of the topmost in demand revolving office chairs in India. It is the best backrest chair you can rely on to create the magic in your office space

The chair comprises 3D mesh backrest with the height-adjustable lumbar support that takes complete care of your back. The seat made up of imported fabric, and moulded foam is remarkably soft and also ensures good air permeability. The armrest in this chair includes a synchronized mechanism with three-position locking for multiple convenient positioning. The occupant can sit comfortably in any position and perform swift movements without causing any strain to the body.

Neptune Xplore is highly durable and flexible, the striking appeal of the chair will enable you to form a visually pleasing work environment, and its renowned ergonomic design provides a healthier seating solution to your employees. In overall, Neptune Xplore by Syona Roots makes no compromise in quality and design, which becomes an ideal fit for people whose wish to make no compromise in their working hours and productivity.