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Office workstation chairs from Syona Roots are synonymous with style, sophistication and durability. Venus Prime Plus, Venus Excel Venus CT, Duorest Alpha, Duroest Smart, Duroest Logiq, Mercury Elite, Mercury Pulse, Neptune Spark, Neptune Ease, Venus Pride, Venus Prime, Venus Gang Chair, Jupiter AWE, Cafeteria Chairs & Table, Eris Cafe Chairs, Cafeteria Round Table and Cafeteria Square Table are our top-selling office workstation chairs that help to set up a vibrant working environment. Our office workstation chairs are equipped with adjustable armrests, high supportive backrests, five-star base castor wheels and perforated mesh to help maintain optimal blood circulation and healthy seating posture among occupants. Each piece of furniture is made with high-engineered polymer for high durability and to keep the bodies of occupants in a safe and upright position. Our ergonomic office workstation chairs take away the stress on the spine, neck and waist areas.

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