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Key Feature

The chair takes care of your lower back section and prevents slouching and back pain. It comforts the natural curvature of your spine and takes away all the strain.

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Backrest and Seat

To overcome brittleness and other faulty attributes, it is produced from a unique kind of engineering polymer.

The material used redefines strength and durability.

Thoughtfully designed to maintain optimal blood circulation in the body.

student writing pad chair manufacturer

Perforated Holes

In tropical conditions, the strategically placed perforations facilitate better ventilation.

student writing pad chair manufacturer

Book Rack & Side Basket

Book Rack - the mesh tray under the seat and side basket is made up of mild steel material to be rust-resistant.

student writing pad chair manufacturer


The high-density fiber writing board ensures long-lasting support and comfort during extended learning hours. The board's sliding action enables you to adjust to a convenient writing position and lets you slip in and out with ease

student writing pad chair manufacturer

Color Variants


  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Brown
  • Ivory
  • Black
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • White


  • Black
student writing pad chair manufacturer
Product L x W x H Weight Seat Height
Venus WP1 Xtreme 960 x 680 x 826 16 kg 450 mm

Student Writing Pad Chair Manufacturer - Venus WP1 Xtreme

The renowned student writing pad chair manufacturer Syona Roots has produced an inch-perfect solution through Venus WP1 Extreme to satisfy all the needs of the students. It is ergonomically crafted to be highly flexible, durable and supportive for a long time.

The chair includes key features such as writing pad, book rack, seat and backrest with perforated holes to ensure learning done more effortlessly and enjoyably. The students sitting in the chair for an entire day, will experience utmost comfort and receive a range of benefits. The immense adjustability of the chair allows using of notebooks, laptops, tablets with ease while maintaining a healthy posture.

Venus WP1 Extreme from Syona Roots is the perfect study chair to make the students engage in fruitful learning. This special chair from Syona can be deployed in classrooms of schools and colleges, seminar halls, coaching centres, discussion rooms, workshops etc. It arrives in multiple colour variants.