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Prepare to be amazed by the exceptional design of our foldable mild steel frame , which not only offers effortless storage but also ensures convenient portability with its easy folding mechanism.

Experience the freedom to take your workspace wherever you go!

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Aesthetically Pleasing with a load capacity of 90kg, your workspace is not only smart but also visually appealing, durable and sturdy to use.

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Experience a unique “At office” vibe at home with our beautifully designed MDF board. This spacious workspace board caters to all your task and enhances your overall work experience.

Transform your home into a productive and inspiring workspace with our beautifully designed MDF board.

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Experience the flexibility and adaptability of Syona’s work-from-home table, as its adjustable height range allows you to effortlessly lower it from 720mm to 154mm.

This ingenious feature ensures optimal utilization of your home space, enabling you to create a functional and efficient workstation that perfectly fits your needs.

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Product Length X Width X Height (mm) Weight Capacity
Work From Home Table 1200 X 600 X 720 (mm) 20 kg 90 kg

Work From Home Table

Ultimate Work From Home Table From Syona Roots.

Achieve the ultimate in-home office excellence with the SMARTLY designed Work From Home Table by SYONA. Elevate your workspace and boost productivity with a table that combines comfort, stability, and innovative design. Our cutting-edge cross frame not only maximizes stability but also saves space, providing a steady and ample workspace for your most intense work sessions.

Creative Cross-Frame Design

Steady Support: Intense work sessions are no match for the SYONA table's robust construction. The cross-frame design ensures a steady platform for all your equipment.

Space-Saving Design: Our innovative cross-frame provides exceptional stability without sacrificing precious floor space. This makes the SYONA table ideal for any room, big or small.

Built to Last: SYONA uses specially formulated feet with non-marking and water-resistant properties. This protects your floor from scratches and damage, keeping your workspace looking sharp

Comfort and Ergomanic

Ergonomic Design: Your well-being is the top priority when designing the SYONA table. Because of its ergonomic design, which encourages good posture, long workday tiredness and discomfort are reduced.

Compact Powerhouse: Its size does not deceive you. With enough room for all of your necessities, the SYONA table will keep you busy and organised.

Effortless Integration: This Syona desk seamlessly blends into any room's décor, creating a harmonious and inspiring home office environment. Transform your home office with SYONA's Work From Home Table, where innovative design meets exceptional functionality.


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